Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quang's Sea Bass Soup...My Death Row Meal

Death Row meal. A game that chef's play. Anthony Bourdain's is Bone Marrow Parsley Salad in London, mine is Sea Bass Soup in Minneapolis. I've had alot of great single dishes lately. The Charcuterie plate at Craftsman, Pozole at Chaska My Love, Pork Candy at Subo. While these dishes and many others I've had in the Twin Cities lately have been great, nothing can compare to the sea bass soup at Quang's. I have probably had this dish around 25 times in the last couple of years and that is saying a lot considering I live around 30 miles away. The broth has a diverse array of flavors and the sea bass melts in your mouth with a rich buttery note. I have never been dissapointed with this entree and I am amazed that a restaurant can serve a good portion of sea bass and a couple of shrimp for under $10. This dish is a steal. Please note they only serve this special on Fri-Sun.


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