Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Chowhound Gestapo

Sorry I will not be posting a pic for this post. The pic I would like to post would offend many people. Sorry but I have to rant about one of my former favorite websites...Chowhound. I found that their forum was a good place to find really good restaurants in the Twin Cities as their are alot of knowledgable foodies posting. This all ended when a poster from New York who has a far too lofty view of himself as a critic came onto the forum and started taking jabs at members questioning their knowledge of good cuisine. I find his elitist attitude that only New York has worthwhile destinations both rude and arrogant. Whenever myself or other posters would call him out...posts would be deleted as breaking Chowhound's rule of insisting to review the restaurant not the reviewer. Chowhound... Please practice your own doctrine. I understand deletion of inappropriate posts but deletion of well thought appropriate discussions between adults? This is pure censorship. They pay for the bandwith so they can make the rules...I'm just sad as they had so much potential. I will take my posts to The Heavy Table The owner and editor James Norton does not censor even if comments are against his views. Last time I checked America was free. I just hope Heavy Table implements a forum in the future.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dong Yang Pancake House

Every time I go to Dong Yang I have to order the seafood pancake. Chock full of octopus, squid, and shrimp...I dare anyone to eat the whole thing. This dish is an incredible deal. I also love their banchan. I love Korean food, I just wish there were as many Korean restaurants as Chinese in the Twin Cities.