Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pho Tau Bay

I love Vietnamese food. Luckily I don't live too far from one of the Mecca's of Viet cuisine...Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis. You can't throw a bahn mi on this street without hitting a Vietnamese restaurant. One of my favorites sits on the end of Nicollet, Pho Tau Bay. They make what I believe to be the best Bun (vermicelli salad) in Minneapolis. Bun cha gio thit nuong (Egg roll and pork vermicelli salad- #42) really stands out. Made up of perfectly cooked vermicelli noodles and strikingly fresh lettuce, bean sprouts, cucumbers, mint, cilantro, and pickled carrots. With pork, egg rolls, and a handful of peanuts added it creates a symphony of vibrant flavors that defines Viet cuisine. The egg rolls are crisp and the pork has a charred flavor that balances the sweet. Don't forget to add some of the sweet fish sauce as it brings everything together.

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  1. In Vietnam, we actually lived near the original Pho Tau Bay (literally means airplane) because the original owner used to sell it on a street cart but he always wore a airplane pilot's cap, hence the name pho tau bay