Saturday, January 16, 2010

Attention Dumb Polack's

For all the Pole's living in the western suburbs getting lost trying to find Kramarczuk's in Nordeast...I have a tip. Check out Paradise Market in Hopkins. The market is full of European goods and has a large selection of Polish sausages. It looks like a lot of their stuff is coming from Chicago like the krupniok pictured. Krupniok is basically a Polish blood sausage. I also picked up some Cabanos or Kabanos, which is a garlicky smoked sausage great to snack on and I didn't have to wait for the In Laws to bring some in from Chicago. I doubt many people read this blog in the first place, but if you are Polish or a Polack sympathizer and take offense to the title of my post... Lighten up. My Grandmother who was born in Poland would have laughed.

Paradise Market


  1. Hmmm "Krupniok"? We rather call blood sausage "Kaszanka". Its more polish-like. And if you find it where you live I recommend "Zbójnicka" sausage. You'll like it.
    PS. Its funny to read about polish stuff in english :)

  2. I'm Polish and I am not dumb :) my IQ is much above average.

    I heard that other nations say we are stupid :P why is that?????