Saturday, November 28, 2009

I met my match

My two favorite TV shows have to be No Reservations and Bizarre Foods hosted by Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern. I have always preferred No Reservations because Anthony Bourdain comes off as more authentic and his wry wit is always entertaining. Both of these personalities have tried Durian on their shows. If you are not familiar with Durian, it is a popular fruit in Southeast Asia. Many find the odor to be offensive and it is banned in many tourist areas. While Bourdain loved Durian for it's custard like consistency and myriad of flavors, Zimmern couldn't stand it. While recently shopping at Asian Direct in Richfield. I came across Frozen Durian in the freezer. I had to get it. I'm certain that I'm more of a man then Zimmern, and surely my tastes will match those of Anthony Bourdain. Well, after thawing it out in the fridge (which isn't a good idea if you want all of it's contents smelling like old smelly gym socks) I layed it out on the counter. The smell was intoxicating. This is coming from someone who isn't bothered by the smell of Korean Kimchi (Fermented Vegetables). After gathering up some courage I took a bite. I failed. There was no way I could swallow it. It tasted like the worst rotten fruit you can imagine. Maybe Andrew Zimmern isn't such a girly man after all....

....I still have a couple Durian Popsicle sticks I picked up at Asian Direct, maybe I can redeem myself some day.

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