Monday, November 9, 2009

Buy a salami for your boy in the army...

Don't you hate when you hear a catchy song or phrase and you can't get it out of your head? This jingle has been stuck in mine after reading about some great Salami being made in Duluth, Minnesota by Northern Waters Smokehaus. I originally saw the article on The Heavy Table
After leaving Deer camp this weekend I had to make the short trek from Deer camp to try their Salamini which recently won the top professional Salami award in Armandino Batali’s Salumi Restaurant's Salami Challenge in Seattle, a national competition. For those unfamiliar with Salumi, it is the mecca of Chartcuterie (Italian dry cured meats) in America run by celebrity chef Mario Batali's Dad. In the pic above the Salamini is pictured on the right encased in white, which is actually a culture (Goerdt uses one from southern Italy) then dipped in a penicillin mold to give it this characteristic look. Chorizo is pictured on the left (Not to be confused with the Mexican Sausage Chorizo) The Chorizo is similar to the Salamini but has a spicy kick due to the added ingredient of peppers. The owner, Eric Goerdt, uses only the finest pork from Berkshire hogs. Berkshire swine are highly prized for their marbled meat, especially by the Japanese who also prize the marbled meat of Kobe beef. Eric's use of fresh ingredients and top quality meat really shows in his Salamini. While Salami can be used in a variety of ways I enjoy it best by simply slicing it to as close as paper thin as possible and eating it by itself.

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