Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hmong Village

Recently went to the Hmong village. Two observations....

If you go on the weekends prepare to spend time finding a parking spot, it's crazy.

If you order a Papaya salad with medium spice from a Thai you will get mild. If you order medium from a Hmong you will get extra spicy.

I had the Pho Fawm from Her kitchen. I am no pho expert but it was the best I have ever had. I didn't notice the star anise taste which sometimes is too prevalent in the pho I have ordered at local Vietnamese restaurants. It was chock full of flavor. I noticed some baby pig intestines at Her kitchen and decided to try some. The exterior tasted like Chicken gizzard which I like but the insides were texturally unappetizing, I am not sure if the intestines were cleaned. The pic above is the intestines next to a Papaya salad I got at Mai's Kitchen. It was great to see it made with a Mortar and pestle right before my eyes. Great flavors and it lit my mouth on fire. I ordered medium and was glad I didn't order hot as I don't think I would have tasted anything. It was a great experience and I look forward to going back.

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  1. i always enjoy reading about people's opinion on papaya salad :) personally one of my favorites, but i can also understand why some may be turned off by it!

    thanks for sharing.

    dorothy @